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 News & Press Releases

Jun 28, 2008
APowerCap Technologies Inc. launches pilot production plant

APowerCap Technologies Inc. (APCT) has launched pilot production plant in Ukraine, capable of producing wide range of ultracapacitor cells with capacitance from 50 F to 1000 F. The plant will allow APCT to develop technology and make prototypes for mass production of ultracapacitors together with APCT design bureau and APCT R&D lab.

The plant is located in Ukrainian city of Khmelnitskiy. Key employees of the production facility have tremendous experience in ultracapacitor production after successful career at “Kation”, the largest electrochemical capacitor production plant in the former USSR.

APowerCap Technologies Inc. already produces unique proprietary materials and components, including nanoporous carbon, electrolyte, electrodes and the unique equipment designed by APCT engineers. The company cooperates with leading developers of other components from Japan, EU, Russia and China.

APCT  technology allows to produce cutting edge ultracapacitors with the best characteristics in the world. According to independent tests performed by Institute of Transportation Studies (California), APCT ultracapacitors demonstrate 2-3 times better performance then best competitors. The IP of the Company is protected by international patents (US patent and PCT patent application).

Current portfolio of potential orders several times exceeds the capacity of APCT pilot plant.

APCT identified dozens of market niches for its ultracapacitors in the following areas:  Transportation, industrial energy generation and power management, consumer electronics. APCT ultracapacitors provide opportunities for battery manufacturers to offer to the market combined battery/ultracap power sources with advantages of common battery and ultracapacitor.

Currently the company plans to increase the production capacity, in particular establishing ultracapacitor production plants in EU and Asia.

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