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 News & Press Releases
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 News & Press Releases

May 25, 2008
APCT ultracapacitors were presented to major automotive players

ApowerCap Technologies Inc. presented new generation of superior APCT ultracapacitors during  4th International Symposium on Large Ultracapacitor Technology and Application (UCAP) and Advanced Automotive Battery & Ultracapacitor Conference 2008.

Yuriy Maletin, co-founder of APCT and the leader of Company’s R&D team, unveiled the characteristics of ultracapacitor cells with soft casing, 350F and 470 F which demonstrate the power density up to 4,7 kw/Kg, outperforming all major competitors.

«The AABC showed that automotive completely understands the importance of ultracapacitors for future hybrid and electric cars as the best energy/power storage module of the car. ApowerCap Technologies Inc. presented ultracapacitor cells which can be used in a variety of automotive applications – starters, start-stop systems, all type of hybrid vehicles etc. Our approach to automotive developers is very flexible. We can develop the ultracapacitor models virtually of any size as demanded by the leaders of automotive industry. This becomes possible because of our soft aluminum casing made by proprietary technology.

Our products have superior power/weight characteristic, as was again confirmed my Andrew Burke, an ultracapacitor expert from University of California, Davis.

 Capacitance, F

 RC-const.,sec  Energy,W∙h/kg  Power ( 95% eff.), kW/kg  Case
 20  0.22  3.9  3.6  soft
 55  0.22  5.5  5.7  soft
 300  0.30   5.3  3.6  soft
 350  0.28  6.2  4.5  soft
 470  0.36  8.7  4.7  soft
 580  0.52  4.0  1.5  hard

Table 1 (characteristics of APCT ultracapacitors)

The 8th International Advanced Automotive Battery & Ultracapacitor Conference (AABC-08), the 4th International Symposia on Large Lithium Battery Technology and Applications (LLIBTA-08) and Large Ultracapacitor Technology and Applications (UCAP-08 ), were held in Tampa, Florida, May 12-16, 2008 . The conference exceeded all prior records with 890 delegates from 5 continents and over 400 companies as well as 80 presentations and 56 exhibit booths. LLIBTA attracted record numbers of material developers, cell developers and current and prospective large cell users, with focused discussions regarding anode and cathode choices and their impact on life and safety.

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