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 News & Press Releases

Nov 12, 2007
APowerCap Technologies Inc. presents its ultracapacitor solutions for various applications

APCT delegation took part in the Advanced Batteries for Portable and Automotive Applications 2007 forum in Cologne, Germany, on November 5-8. Dr. Yurii Maletin, CTO of APCT made a report «APCT Supercapacitors: High Power Density Accompanied by High Safety and Low Cost» at the section focused on euro capacitors.

Dr. Maletin presented the most recent testing results of 580F devices in solid aluminum cases and also the APCT approach aimed at increasing the ultracapacitor power density and safety. APCT ultracapacitors still demonstrate the best performance among leading competitors. Dr. Maletin also discussed improvements in the performance of energy storage devices due to the use of combined solutions comprising both batteries and ultracapacitors connected in parallel.  The total volume of such combined power sources can be reduced by 60%, e.g. a combination with lead-acid battery needs 3 times less amount of expensive and hard-to-dispose lead. Besides, such a combination demonstrates excellent cold start capabilities due to organic nature of ultracapacitor electrolyte, and the battery lifetime is increased 1.5-2.5 times.  

Advanced Batteries for Portable and Automotive Applications 2007 is held within the framework of Advanced Energy Storage Technologies Symposium in Cologne, Germany. The conference focused on the energy storage market, technological developments, and emerging applications, with leading academics and industry experts from Asia, Europe, and the United States attending. The conference provided an unprecedented opportunity for manufacturers, integrators, and end users of advanced battery technologies in the transport and portable electronics markets to come together to discuss and debate issues critical to the deployment and commercialization of advanced battery technology.

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