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 News & Press Releases

Jul 26, 2007
APCT outpaces Competitors, APCT’s Ultracapacitors demonstrating 3 times higher Power Density

Dr. Andrew Burke, a recognized expert in ultrcacapcitor technology ( International Transport Institute, University of California, Davis), presented comparative test results of ultracapacitor cells and modules from leading international ultracapacitors producers in his report «Advanced Capacitor Technology Present and Future»  at the Advanced Capacitor World Summit in San-Diego, California  on 23 July 2007. 

Test results of ultracapacitors made by APCT (US), LS Cable (Korea), Bat Scap (France) Power Systems (Japan) were included in the table (Table 1).  According to the results,  APCT 55 F ultracapacitor with activated carbon electrode and acetonitryle electrolyte demonstrated power density 5700 êW/kg (with 95% efficiency), which is 3-4 times higher than that of the closest competitors  (see table below).  The energy density of the sample ultracapacitor is 5.5 Wh/kg. By this parameter it is beaten only by graphitic carbon Power System ultracapacitor Fuji Li-ion and ultracap hybrid.

Significant advantage of APCT ultracapacitor in terms of power density allows the company to build more powerful modules with the same size or reduce weight and volume of modules given the same power.

«Our ultracapacitors have the potentials for further increasing their power density, and we hope that ongoing R&D will allow us to stay ahead of the competition. Currently we identified over 70 marketing niches for APCT products in automotive, power generation industries and consumer electronics. Currently we are working on launching of an ultracapacitor production facility», said Evgeniy Pilyankevich, Head of Ukrainian APCT office.

Jim Nickerson, head of APCT US office, represented APCT at the Advanced Capacitor World Summit. The conference covered issues crucial to the ultracapacitor industry, such as new technologies, raw materials, designs, manufacturing methods, and compatible electronics, with a special focus on potential and current applications. Attendees included capacitor and battery manufacturers, equipment designers, and end users from the fields of automotive, power generation, power distribution, and mobile electronic devices.

The Summit featured 24 expert speakers, as well as a panel discussion. There was also an exhibit area for the display of new capacitor products and manufacturing and testing equipment to showcase new developments in the industry.

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