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 Company Profile

 Company Profile

APowerCap Technologies, Inc. (APC) develops and manufactures high-power ultracapacitors and provides ultracapacitor-based solutions to a wide variety of clients and businesses segments. Incorporated in the U.S. in 2006, APC has been invested by a pioneering Ukrainian venture capital firm TechInvest. Today, it is backed up by one of the largest Ukrainian financial groups based in the UK . 

APC is headquartered in Kyiv (Ukraine), and has a representative office in the Redwood City, CA . In 2008, APC launched a pilot production facility in Ukraine and started to provide its potential clients with product samples.

APC developed superior ultracapacitor technology that will bring new level of efficiency to dozens of verticals. APC ultracapacitors provide battery manufacturers with the market opportunity called “a combined solution”, which combines a common battery with an ultracap power source to reach maximum effectiveness.

The market niches for Company’s products can be grouped into:

  • transportation;
  • industrial energy generation and power supply; 
  • consumer electronics.

The APC ultracapacitors’ competitive advantages are based on their unique design and materials, resulting in 1.5 to 2 times, compared to the best competing products available at the market: 

  • better power performance;
  • less self discharge of modules;
  • lower cost;
  • smaller volume/weight.  

Ultracapacitor prototypes, developed by APC, have been tested by leading industry experts, including:

APC has initially built its own technology advantage by taking up Ukrainian high-tech companies specializing in ultracapacitor’s technology and its’ essential elements development. APC acquired several eastern European R&D companies with a history of ultracapacitor’s research going back to mid-90s. APC has also involved other scientists, engineers and managers to create a breakthrough technology and to bind links with production partners in Russia, Europe, North America and Japan . Today, APC works with the leading R&D centers in ultracapacitors and new materials development all around the world.

APowerCap Technologies Inc. development team has been conducting research in the field of ultracapacitors for more than 17 years. R&D on ultracapacitors began within the framework of a special project of the Ministry of Electronics of the former Soviet Union . After the collapse of the Soviet Union, members of the R&D team established a company, which offered contract R&D services for international clients in ultracapacitor technology. Among its clients were Skeleton Technologies (former SuperFarad), Idaho National Laboratory, Ener1. Inc.

In 2005, ultracapacitor technology project became a finalist of Ukrainian High-Tech Competition, and successfully presented the technology to international VC investors at SVOD Technology conference in Silicon Valley by winning this event. APC R&D team has a number of Ukrainian and Russian patents on ultracapacitors technology and ultracapacitor parts, which were transferred to APC. Based on the know-how accumulated by the R&D team, APC has filed two US patents.

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