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   APowerCap Technologies
APowerCap Technologies, LLC develops and manufactures high-power ultracapacitors and provides ultracapacitor-based solutions. Ultracapacitors (supercapacitors), also known as electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC), are high-power energy storage devices, which can be used in a variety  of applications.

APC ultracapacitors enhance perfomarnce and lifetime of existing batteries. This allows battery manufacturers to offer to the market combined battery/ultracap power sources with higher performance.

The APC ultracapacitors’ competitive advantages are based on their unique design and materials, resulting in 1.5 to 2 times:

  • better power performance
  • less self discharge of modules
  • lower cost
  • smaller volume/weight

Advantages of our technology were confirmed by independent test results from various institutions, including Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis.

Mar 31, 2009
Jan 16, 2009
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